making the trade... today.

Today is not an accident.

You are not an accident. If you're ready to move and begin your journey, today is YOUR day. So you ask how do I trade in this day by day life for the new one that God is offering? How do I make the exchange? Connect to Christ.  Christ isn't His last name... Christ means the Anointed One. Here's how to connect....

1. Accept that Jesus walked completely through physical death, and resurrection from death after his burial in exchange for you to LIVE.

2. Believe that Jesus will exchange your old life for His new life.... trading a life of missing the mark for an eternal position of mercy and a daily life of grace.

3. Confess that the mark has been missed personally, and confess... "I receive what Jesus did to save me in death and resurrection myself for today and every day."

Romans 10:9-10

Congratulations! If you have taken this first step, let us be the first to say, "Welcome to the family of GOD, where life is exChanged in Christ." Please let us know about your experience via e-mail, and allow us to help you connect to "family members" nearby where you live everyday.  Loneliness will no longer win in your life with Jesus!

We LOVE YOU and look forward to hearing from you today!


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