the exchanged life...

There are life basics of loss, separation and sentencing that we all face.”

C. D. Williams

There are "no fluff realities" about real places, eternity's reality and real consequences for rejecting mercy.”

C. D. Williams

We can be weirdly owned, wildly reunited, and wrecked blameless in the life exchanged in Christ.”

C. D. Williams

Get exchanged. The exchanged life is a place of matters.

God matters, YOU matter and LIFE matters!

Matthew 16:26


god matters.

Is God real? Does God exist? God is just as real as the questions we face that doubt and challenge His identity. If you have questions that matter.... God does have answers.

John 1:1-14


you matter.

Even if you're an identical twin, there is a unique purpose in your life that is custom made just for you. If you're looking for direction, God has your plan ready and waiting.

Jeremiah 29:11,  Romans 8:28-30

life matters.