john 10:10 what do we exchange as life?


The first exchange is a trading of loss for ownership.

Give it away, give it away now! The first thing Adam gave away to Satan was God's delegated kingdom authority as a unique creation of God. But Adam didn't just give his authority away
..., he lost it for the whole human race! Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent. We exchange life and restore our kingdom authority of life back with God by taking an active belief in Jesus the Christ - the anointed One. In return, God gives us new ownership of Him as His kingdom people. Simply put... God owns us as we own Him.


The second exchange is a trading of separation for a family reunion.

The second thing that Adam's "giveaway" allowed Satan to deceptively kill inside us as humans was our intimacy of spiritual relationship with God. We wear clothes every day as a permanent reminder of the human guilt in that separation. It took the innocent execution of the life of Jesus the Christ to give us an exchange of life that restores our spiritual union with God. In exchange of the fear in separation from God, we receive power, love and a peaceful mind that comes in restored, whole and side by side relationship with our new family..., God. He becomes our Father, Brother and Teacher.


The third exchange is a trading of our guilt for His pardon.

The third thing that Satan tricked Adam into giving away was the innocence of his original creation of kingdom character designed by God Himself. The destruction of that innocence produced true guilt requiring a true sentence to punish the guilt. The execution of the innocent Jesus gives us the ability to exchange our loss and shame for a pardon of blamelessness where Jesus Himself declares us both guilty & blameless. This pardon is used to express appreciation by a daily life exchange of effort to live blamelessly. How? By taking every missed target to the life of Jesus & turning away from the natural desire to miss the target on purpose every minute, every hour & every day. It's real freedom both to love & live in the family of God.