weirdly owned...

We're just weird enough to believe that God is actually smarter than we are. It really DOES make more sense to us to be owned by a person who made us and has our best interest at heart all of the time. We intentionally practice giving up our entire life to God on a daily basis, in all of it... the good, the bad and the ugly GROWTH. When we say God owns us... we mean it.

romans 14:4

wildly reunited...

We want to be joined at the hip with Jesus. We're wild enough to believe that God seriously WANTS to be close to us. We go that far and say that God wants to top the best date we've ever had in knowing us. God owns us willingly so He doesn't have a problem with where we want Him. In fact, we're even wild enough to think that He agrees with us! We practice keeping God by our side and on our side. When we say side by side with Jesus... we expect Him to be with us daily.... on purpose.

2 corinthians 5:18

wrecked blame-less...

We're done playing the blame game! We get the idea that we can't fake out God or even people who watch close enough to see through it! All of us get wrecked in life multiple times... either by accident, or on purpose, and the "game" blames everyone except the real owner. US. God knows that we miss it, we lose it and we drop the ball! We're just plain tired of playing hot potato with blaming and we believe that God's more tired of us playing "blame" than we are. We choose to own our mistakes, and practice real change by making different choices that offer real answers and better results from God. We don't think that God's just some psychotic dictator. We're just crazy enough to believe that God DOES FORGIVE us when we speak the truth. Why? We actually want to be more than any failed past claims that we should be. We thank Him with flawed but growing practice from a wrecked past...

james 1:23-25
what EXCHANGE means.

that's the bottom line... exchange today.

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