inClyne has signed with Light Rider Music and is now an artist of Light Rider Music!”

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Chris "inClyne" Williams is a reality rap artist riding in the light of Christ. His unique style of flow combines lyrical creativity with eclectic beats and music. Born in Gary, Indiana, inClyne has love for the Midwest region being from Northwest Indiana. With a unique gift for poetry at 8 years old, and penning rap lyrics since 12 years old the gift has shown inC to be a long standing lyrical talent. InC's unique style of music and lyrics combine to make an impact sharing truth using the vehicles of rhyme, rhythm & reason. inC dedicates his "exchanged" music to solid transparency, painting poetic pictures of struggles, growth and faith in God. Over a span of eight years, he has released 3 EP projects, 4 albums, 2 remix projects, and two compilation collaborative projects with Light Riderz Crew. 

Chris is a husband, and father of two amazing sons and three phenomenal daughters. He is also the grandfather of one adorable grandson. His message is simple. Get exchanged in Christ. He believes for life in his own words... "i need Christ..."

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