From the recording Outta The Box: the LP Album


take it to the paint
make it fresh and
clean like I'm mister
making impression
quake making
Richter shake a terra
night to the daylight
in a new era
gotta face it man 2 man
zone pressure
the game plan
rotate... keep possesion
24 shooting like
Jack with a weapon
Bauer like Eddie and
his limited collection
class in session
on the deck I step in
pass no fail one time
for da lesson
buttons get pushed
for the press in
caught it no look
got the rock from the check in
full court run keep em sweating
haters aiding thirsty so they
mess in
no back court violation directing
Cross over with the cross
n yep got em guessing

Moving forward
i don't look back, Fan off the haters & don't hate back
Skipping fiction & stick to the facts I keep moving I don't look back (4x)

featured verse by Excalibar (A. Anderson)

featured verse by T.A.G. (C. Garrett)