inC intro (I.N.C.L.Y.N.E.)

Internally Needing Christ to keep me from this temptation
That’s yearning to have me burning in earnings of unforgiven sin I’m human facing the lust of the hourglasses persuasion of fornication…, I’m praying the Word stays placed in…
My heart and live in my mind cause I don’t get to read my Bible all the time and believe the test is common kind
Trust in the Way, escape is present to press on to the high mark of the next lesson that’s calling me in Christ to stay free
More than a maxi name brand, in Jesus’ name and stay
Soaked in holy blood of the Lamb who was slain for all of us
Trust in His justice like seven in the proverb when fallen
Know that through Him true repentance gets me up again
With life that dies and becomes resurrected up again
Not champagne bubbling, but overflowing is my cup again
Nearer than a lover or a friend, my Big Brother man
Adopted to His family related to the end

Living Yielded against the wickedness found in bitterness
Of pride in eyes that see offense promoting unforgiveness
My life in Christ is where I find the price is paid for my sins
So in abundance my forgiveness I must yield to Him
How many truly can say we can see all sins the same
And still display His forgiveness despite all of our pain
I’m not gon’ beat around the burning bush, but I’ll make it plain
I must forgive all the others that persecute me for His name
It’s not my persecution though, the world loves my sin
And unforgiven it would welcome me right back again
To be trapped again in hate and fear and lack within
Instead I yield to peace that passes understanding practicing
Making statements like forgive them Lord they do not know
What they do, cause they don’t understand Your mercy
How You love em’ so true, and I can’t do this on my own
It’s natural eye for eye, I’m only free from vengeance through
The life yielded to Christ
Now Eternally I realize as spirits we’re eternal beings
So worry is something the devil wants me to believe in
Outside the hour and the current day God said to keep in
Focus on future or the past is like heaven treason
So additional to time, trust I must release in
My thoughts and my actions, my living, walking and my speaking
This type of thinking requires renewal to the mind
Resistance to the world’s free will time I’ve gotta find
And flowing about being instant in season
Knowing the Holy Spirit’s presence is forever never leaving
When I commit a sin repent quick in an instant
Living in the conviction running to it not against it
So I can clean up and get back up in the mix again
Never left or forsaken life taken, I belong to him
Presently bringing captive every thought to the gospel revenging against disobedience…doing the impossible!

inClyne, inClyne, internally needing Christ living yielded now eternally
inClyne, inClyne, just so you can know what the name is….
The name is…
inClyne, inClyne, internally needing Christ living yielded now eternally
inClyne, inClyne, just so you can know what the name is….
The name is…

If inClyne is too much to speak then you can just call me inC