From the recording Conversations

beat produced by Brainiac


Give me up some time so
If i if i
Take some time to rhyme this
Till i till i
Make it make it known yep
Still i still i
Love her love her
Real talk
She so so fly
Keep me motivated
Beauty to my beast
And she ain't basic
Pretty face curvy shape
I like embracing
Never shallow
Cause her conversation's deep
Best believe it
You just sleep if you don't
Know my boo is sweet
stay on 10 she got me
Flowing like this song
Cause they both got it going going
on And on and on
From the setting of the sun
Through the break of break of dawn
Whether tough times or the fun
She that rider she's the one
She steady on the rise
Loving love to see her smile
Flow just floating like confetti
Celebrating she's my blessing
Don't deserve her still my
Role is to protect her and
Preserve her while we doing
Life together spending
Time is what we treasure

Love Chose U
To be with me
Every day I know
Its true (5x)
Love Chose U
To be with me
Every single moment
I do (5x) [Chours 2x]

Wake up in the morning I'm yawning
So I hop outta bed
While she's still sleeping and dreaming
I pray and read for receiving
Sometimes I stop for a moment
Before to see her sleep
Watching her breathe beauty beholding
make a memory and hold it
I reminisce on things that God has
Took us through
All of the floods without drowning
In both of our ups and our downs again
All of the flames from the fires
And the heat that should have
Burned us down
No smell of smoke and no burning ashes
We're still on solid ground
So I work my piece believe
be the word washer I'm
Supposed to be
Get the help from the ghost that's
Holy helping to build a holy
Whole Family
Starting with my boo and me
Moving through it all until our
Seeds are living legacies
Cause I know that our impression is still pressing
To see blessing in the testing
Even when the pain is telling its expression learned the lesson
Trusting in the Lord ain't guessing
So this rhyme got me feeling
How I'm feeling she the bestie of
Bestest she be flexing we be

Love Chose U
To be with me
Every day I know
Its true (5x)
Love Chose U
To be with me
Every single moment
I do (5x) [Chours 2x]

So I'm deep sea diving describing
More than the bliss of this
Beyond just the vibing sensations
Or the tantalizing embraces
Just taking this time in this flow
And its stepping repping more
From the Top to the floor everything in
Between on the scene from the walls to the door
This life ain't fairytale living no happily ever after
In fact the facts are the treasures measured in both pains and the pleasures
So we maintain and suffer 2 gain
Cause either way we suffer
Plus life is pain and anyone telling it differently is selling something
This isn't game that I used to spit
no no that isn't it
Not get it hit it with the quick occasional visit and quit it
Not the conversation of mutual demonstration's promiscuity
This is
day to day committed
ups and downs pushing unity
Taking the headbutting
before all the making up and
Giving space in the corners
Between the rounds to recover
So nope no mystery
distance has us missing each other
Its Said and done its 2 in 1
like eye to eye we
see see see

Love Chose U
To be with me
Every day I know
Its true (5x)
Love Chose U
To be with me
Every single moment
I do (5x) [Chours 2x]

Lyrics by Christopher "inC" Williams